Have you ever heard a frog snore or chuckle? Then it’s time to listen to the NORTHERN LEOPARD FROG!

These spotted frogs are some of the first to sing (or snore and chuckle) after their winter hibernation. And, they’re noisy, too! Sometimes they sound like they’re snoring, and sometimes they cluck, grunt and chuckle. Some people have described their sound like someone rubbing hands over a wet balloon. Hmmm….What sound do you think they make? Tap the link below to find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pv2QBbmSAA

Northern leopard frogs are amphibians which means they can live both on land and in water. These frogs, like all frogs, begin their lives as tadpoles in a pond, but once they become froglets, they can to hop right out of the water and onto the land. Even so, northern leopard frogs spend most of their time happily submerged in the murky waters of ponds and marshes. There they eat anything they can fit in their froggy mouths like, insects, worms, smaller frogs, and even birds and garter snakes!

If you want to see a Northern Leopard Frog for yourself, then look for a bright-green, spotted frog, 3-5 inches long, at your favorite wetland (such as ponds, marshes, and streams). You’ll find these funny frogs all across the northern United States, except for the Puget Sound region.

And the next time you’re playing outside and hear a funny little chuckle, you never know, it might just be a northern leopard frog!